The Excelerator Consortium, was created in 2015 through a partnership between Winning Pitch and Impact Innovation to deliver the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP)  contract throughout Wales.

This highly successful programme continues to deliver significant economic growth to Wales. Research and evaluation studies indicate that for every £1 spent on AGP, £17 is generated in the wider Welsh economy.

The Excelerator Consortium is engaged in wider work across the Welsh economy. For example we are managing and leading peer to peer entrepreneur networks in Wales. We are working with University of South Wales to fund PhD research into high growth businesses and the most effective forms of support to enable growth.

About Winning Pitch

We are one of the most experienced, high growth entrepreneurial coaching businesses in the country, bringing proven business insight and powerful solutions to organisations from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies.

Winning Pitch helps businesses and the people behind them grow faster and further than they imagined possible. We provide trusted advice from ambitious start-up through to successful scale-up. 

For ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners we help them realise their true potential. For local and central Government we design, deliver and manage complex, high value business growth contracts.

We have a deep empathy with the, often lonely, high growth journey.  Our authenticity is founded in our personal experience of having travelled the road to high growth.  We’ve being doing this for over 30 years (as Winning Pitch since 2005) and we now address a community of over 13,000 fast growing businesses.

About Impact Innovation

We have worked with hundreds of SMEs supporting their growth and advising on innovation and funding strategies and implementation.

  • We have developed and delivered large scale graduate and student enterprise programmes.

  • We have partnered with tech accelerators in London and Amsterdam.

  • We are one of two consortium partners in the development and delivery of the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme; a £20m, six year high growth business support service.

  • We have carried out due diligence for The Development Bank of Wales, RBS and Nat West on technology based businesses.

  • We have delivered Investment Readiness Programmes for the public and Higher education sectors.

  • We have worked with Universities across the UK advising on Spin Out businesses.

  • We have managed Government grant schemes.

  • We have worked with the public sector in addressing structural skills challenges.

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